How’s it going people? Everyone have a good weekend? This week’s topic: DRINK DRIVING

Yes, we’ve all done it, don’t lie, everyone is guilty of it. And for those of you who are saying I’ve never done it, all I can say is “LIAR, LIAR, pants on fire!”

Last Friday night, I was guilty of it. I’d had one full strength beer on an empty stomach, went and did the late night Maccas run, tried to avoid the RBT by going through the back roads (because silly me, listening to the two drunk passengers!!!) and what do you know, there’s an RBT (down the back roads, where apparently they’re never there)

Now when the officer first asks have you had anything to drink, my advice: DON’T LIE!! Lying gets you nowhere, trust me! So I blew into the device, (sometimes I wonder if people run out of breath before they tell you to stop)

“How many beers have you had?” He asked

“Just the one about two hours ago” Was my reply (that’s me being not so honest!)

“You shouldn’t have got behind the wheel Miss, you’re just under, but you still shouldn’t have got behind the wheel.”


“Yes, you’ve blown 0.04mg”

One beer on an empty stomach does that make a difference, yes, yes it does!

So people, no matter how little you’ve had DON’T GET BEHIND THE WHEEL, and offer to do the late night Maccas run it’s not worth losing your license, especially when you didn’t order anything for yourself.

Another thing to remember, is that when having a drink on a Sunday afternoon, you do have to go to work on Monday morning, so be aware of how much you consume, because you could possibly be over the limit come Monday morning when it’s time to go to work.

At Employment Screening Australia, they uncover little discretions like drink driving, even if you’re not so honest on your application form. Employers want to know if they’re employees have had DUIs and periods where they’ve had a suspended license, especially if their jobs are to drive trucks, vans or cars, employers have a duty of care towards their workers, to ensure their drivers are safe and not intoxicated during their shift. If I was an employer I’d be on the phone to Employment Screening Australia asking them to check current and future employees. Employment Screening Australia is here to help you get the best out of every employee you have.

Keep smiling people J