Police Checks

There is an importance for Police Checks for individuals who are looking for employment or applying for a licence.

Potential employee’s have a higher chance in getting the job, if they are able to show that a recent police check has been conducted. A lot of employers are protecting there businesses from hiring people with criminal backgrounds by conducting this simple background check.

We it’s time to stand out from the rest of the candidates, jumping online and conducting a simple police check can mean the difference in getting a job or continuing spending months getting a look in for the next interview.

To make sure you’re prepared, we’ve got all the information you need to know about police checks:

  • So, what is a national police check? It’s a summary of any person’s police history information in Australia. Checks can be conducted on Australian citizens or anyone residing in Australia. It is a government service provided to either an individual or organisation for employment, voluntary work and occupation-related licensing or registration purposes. Police Checks can be conducted by ACIC brokers, such as Employment Screening Australia.
  • Why do employers require police checks? Many employers would find a police check the most robust background check available to reduce the risk of theft, fraud or other criminal activity performed by a potential new employee. However, in industries where employees are working with children, the elderly or other vulnerable communities, police checks are vital for an organisation to rule out employing people who are past offenders. In these cases, where an employer believes that a national criminal record is relevant to a specific job, they are required to state this clearly in the job ad, in information sent out to applicants and in recruitment briefs to agencies.
  • What are your rights with regards to police checks? It’s important to know that other than checks for police investigation or prosecution purposes, no one is permitted to check another person’s police record without their informed consent. In other words, the release of a criminal history information for employment purposes can only be done with the signed consent of the candidate. In addition, if you’re asked in an interview whether you have a criminal record, according to the Human Rights Commission, you are not required to volunteer any information, unless there’s a requirement under legislation to do so. In this case, you would have to disclose your record.

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