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Effective Date 01 July, 2018
Scheduled Review Date 14 Nov, 2016
Scheduled Review Date 01 July 2020
Supersedes All previous Policies and/or Statements
Approved By Natalie Thomasen (Privacy Officer)
References • Information Security Policy • Document Destruction Policy • Dispute Resolution Procedure • Privacy Act 1988 • Australian Privacy Principles

Application of This Policy

Should an applicant withdraw from conducting a police check for any reason, a full or partial refund may be applicable. Information below outlines some of the circumstances under which a refund may be granted. Please contact Employment Screening Australia on 0434 886 466 to discuss individual circumstances.


Application to Withdraw

If you wish to withdraw from a conducting a police check, you must advise Employment Screening Australia in writing of your decision within 7 days. Send your notification to request a refund to PO Box 908, Maroochydore, Qld 4558 and include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Contact details (address, phone, email etc.)
  • Order number
  • Effective date of the cancellation
  • Reason for refund request

Your application will be reviewed, and you will be advised of the outcome within 7 working days.


Withdrawal Prior to Application being submitted

If you withdraw your application prior to submitting your application form and documents to employment screening Australia, a refund of the full application fees will be made.


Withdrawal After Commencement

ESA will issue refunds on a discretionary basis where extenuating circumstances exist. A refund will generally not be issued for any checks after applications have been submitted to the National Police Checking Service for processing.


How the refund will be issued

In the event that a full refund is issued, refund payments will be dispersed in the manner in which payment was originally made. If a bank transfer was made for payment, then the refund will be issued via bank transfer. If payment was made via card payment, a refund will be issued back to the card used.


Extenuating Circumstances

ESA only offers refunds where ESA determines, at its discretion, that extenuating circumstances apply to the Customer. Without limitation, you will not be eligible for a refund of any amounts paid with respect to the Services if you have not;

  1. provided true and correct information;
  2. properly and accurately completed any online application with respect to the relevant Agency Check;
  3. properly provided all consents (including by signing and dating any pre-populated informed consent form) required by ESA with respect to the relevant Services; or
  4. properly provided all identification information required by ESA with respect to the relevant Services.

No Refund

To the full extent permitted by Law, ESA reserves the right to reject any application for a refund in its absolute discretion.

ESA is not responsible for, and the Customer acknowledges that the Customer is not entitled to, any refund with respect to:

  1. data entry errors that have been made by the Customer, the failure by the Customer to provide required details and other information (including identification information), or the provision by the Customer of false or incorrect information with respect to the relevant Customer Request;
  2. Customers that have changed their mind after completing a Customer Request;
  3. selection by the Customer of the wrong Agency Check type and/or reason for the Agency Check when completing the relevant Customer Request; or
  4. failure by the Customer to properly complete a Customer Request, including by failing to sign, date and return any informed consent form required with respect to the Services the subject of that Customer Request.

Refund Charge

ESA may charge a non-negotiable refund-processing fee of $7.50 (GST inclusive) with respect to any request for a refund. This refund-processing fee will be subtracted from any refund amount that is approved by ESA and will be retained by ESA.


Complaints and further information

All enquiries and complaints regarding this policy and procedure should be put in writing to

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